Raise Your Vibrations With 12 Simple Ways

Kristin Rouse
9 min readJul 3, 2021


Today I want to talk about ways to raise your vibration. Because I just think it’s something that I feel like more people should know about.

Do you know that our world that we live in is made of energy. Everything is just atoms vibrating at different frequencies and vibrations.

I’m sure you guys have learned in school about science: An atom is mostly empty space. So much of things that seem physical are just empty space, and the qualities of physical things are because they are vibrating at different frequencies. This gives everything Its distinctive shape, size and other physical qualities.

To put it in another way, when I’m talking about people — when you think about high vibration in people, those are feelings of joy, positivity, love. All of those are high vibrational feelings or states of being. And lower vibrational states of being are depression, sadness, anger, all of that. You could also put it in terms of health. A healthy human body is between 62 and 70 MHz, and human cells start to mutate or change when the frequency drops below 62 MHz. So for example: Your body is at 58 MHz when you have the cold or the flu. And 42 MHz is the frequency of a body where
cancer can appear. Lastly, when a human body is dying, the frequency is measured to be around 20 MHz.

To put this all into perspective, here are some frequencies of food that you may eat. Dead foods, such as hamburger and chicken, have a frequency of 3–5 MHz. Raw almonds vibrate at 50 MHz. And living greens like broccoli and wheatgrass have a frequency of 70 MHz. Already, you can see that the things that you put into your body, the things that you eat, can also affect your frequency. So you could say they were right about It when they said “you are what you eat.”

Eat good to feel good

So let’s start with that one. The first way to raise your vibration is to eat high frequency foods. Usually these are raw fruits, veggies, things that have high nutritional value, those are usually higher frequency and better for you. It kind of makes sense, but this is just a way to explain it using the physical properties of this food and why it might be good for you. So the more organic and the more unprocessed your food is, the higher vibe it probably will be. So try to stick to whole foods, foods that are closest to their original form vs. more processed versions of that food.

Don’t ignore the smells

Number 2 is to use essential oils. I personally love using a diffuser to diffuse essential oils into my space. Without even knowing about the frequencies of essential oils, you can already know that the smells can lift your mood up. That’s why we like nice-smelling things, and they just make us happier in a way that we can’t explain. As for what essential oil to choose, you can go for anyone, all are great, and when you’re using these high frequency oils, it can really raise your own vibration by association. You’re breathing in this high vibrational oil and it raises your own vibration. In a non-scientific way, I’m just saying smelling an essential oil will lift your mood up.

Gratitude really is the best attitude

The third way to raise your vibration is expressing gratitude. This comes from within, but whenever you express gratitude, you raise your vibration because you’re tapping into one of the highest frequency states of being that you could be in, because gratitude is all about abundance. It’s all about what I have vs. what I lack. And gratitude is just one of those things that, if you practice it every day, there’s no way that you could be a sad person, because when you’re grateful, you’re naturally happy and thankful. And you feel like you have enough.

Positivity is powerful

Positive thinking is another way to raise your vibration, and I feel like this one’s obvious, but I have to say it. If you feel like you’re being negative, you’re worrying, or you’re stressing over something, just switch your mind into being positive, being optimistic, seeing what’s going right in your life vs. what’s going wrong in your life. And it is a simple mindset shift, but it can
really change your mood. It lifts you up and you feel like — When you’re depressed and stressed, Your body naturally tenses up and crumbles into a small ball. But when you’re positive and you’re open and you’re feeling love, you naturally open up and you accept life for what it is. It really does a huge thing to change how you feel. It raises your vibration to be positive.

Good company is important

Number 5 is to hang with high vibe people. You might notice that some people have a brighter energy about them. They’re just fun to be with and you want to be with them. Hang with people who are radiating that positive energy, and you will receive that positive energy. It will actually raise your own vibration as well, because like attracts like. Similar to the saying that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” your frequency is the average of the frequencies of the people you spend the most time with. So the more you surround yourself with positive, high vibe people, you will be that way as well. But if you find yourself hanging out with people who are low vibe, they will also bring you down to their level as well.

Crystals do help

Number 6 is to use crystals. Similar to essential oils, different kinds of crystals also have their own different frequencies, and they all can give you a boost in different areas. For example: Rose quartz is useful for boosting feelings of love. And I’m not an expert at this. I’m sure you can learn more about this, researching online. I just know that crystals can really help purify your energy and the energy around you, and they’re something to look into.

Mother nature’s blessing

Number 7 is to drink water. And I know this is a typical health tip, but water is not only good for maintaining your bodily functions, but water also helps circulate your energy. It helps detox any negative energy you have. It helps purify yourself. And it’s natural, just thinking about drinking water to hydrate yourself, to cleanse out the toxins within your body. It’s essentially doing the same thing to your energy as well. So you just feel better after drinking water. You have more mental clarity, you have more energy. It’s just good for you. Just do it.

Just meditate

Number 8: Meditate. Meditation has so many benefits. It helps you have a clearer mind. It helps you destress. It helps you maintain balance in your life, feel grounded. There are so many benefits that I feel like, I don’t have to sell it. You should know by now that meditation is amazing for you. It’s essentially a way for you to practice returning to your core, your true self, your soul. And it really raises your vibration, because when you meditate, you learn to stop thinking negative thoughts, you learn to control your mind a little more that your thoughts aren’t running on autopilot. So when you have more control over your thoughts and your mindset and your life, you just feel like you have it together, so that will naturally raise your vibrations as well.

More kindness is what we need

Number 9: Practicing acts of kindness will also raise your vibration. You’ll notice that, when you do nice things for others, you feel good about it too. It boosts your mood to help others, to give to others, to be kind, just because kindness is one of those high vibe actions. So the more that you are kind to others, the more that your state of being is going to raise up, and you’re going to live in the states of kindness and love and positivity. And I don’t need to tell you that It’s a great place to be.

Move that body

Number 10 is to move your body or dance. When you move your body, you’re literally energizing yourself because you’re shaking things up. So I think, on the physical level you’re raising your vibration because the frequencies are increasing when you’re moving. When you move, your soul feels good as well. I don’t know about you guys, but I love dancing. So when I dance, I express myself. I feel like it’s a spiritual thing, as well as physical. So moving your body and dancing can also raise your vibration. Maybe it’s the endorphins too, that it will really boost your mood, but it’s all of the above, that’s for sure.

Take a deep breath

Number 11 is breathing deeply. So when you breathe deeply, you’re giving your body more oxygen and that energizes your body. And I don’t know about you, but every time I think about breathing, it just makes me want to breath deeper because it’s similar to meditation. That’s how you feel centered. You relax yourself. You just remind yourself to be in the present moment. And you feel more alive when you breathe deeply, because most of the day, we’re not conscious of our breath. It’s just on autopilot. But once you really put awareness to your breath, you feel so much better. You feel like, “I’ve got it. I’m okay.”

The world’s beautiful

Lastly, number 12 is to look around and notice beautiful things. When you see beauty in the world and you appreciate it, it actually raises your vibration, because it associates yourself with the feelings of love and presence, and don’t you feel like you’re in a better mood once you see the beauty in things? It just gets yourself feeling good, feeling inspired and happy, grateful. I guess it’s similar to gratitude and positive thinking, that when you shift your mindset to notice the beautiful things in life, you just feel better. And naturally, that raises your vibration. You’re also a more pleasant person to be around, if you always notice the good and the beautiful things vs. the negative and the bad things, right? It’s all interconnected. You’re a high vibe person if you see the good in life vs. the bad in life, and you focus on the beautiful vs. everything that’s wrong.

So I hope you guys liked these tips. And I hope you see the relationship between science and spirituality in all of these different topics that are just one in the same. These are just different ways to explain why things like gratitude and meditation, positive thinking, all of the above — why they are good for you. It’s good for your well-being, your mood, but it’s also good for your physical health. When you have a high vibrational body, you get sick less. So being a happier person equals being a healthier person. It’s all the same thing. It’s all holistic. Science, spirituality, it’s all one in the same to me. And it’s all interconnected.



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